Museum Trip: The Cooper Hewitt

Added on by Michael Gadaleta.

A recent trip to the Cooper Hewitt Museum, a landmarked building, reminded us how easy it is to forget that amazing historic buildings exist in NYC.  The museum is housed in 'The Mansion', built in 1902, and features some really incredible interior spaces, now perfect to display the latest exhibits.  



The current exhibits are enjoyable for all - not just the designers or fine artists.  Personal favorite was the 'By the People' exhibit, a collection of unique designs proposing to solve the country's challenges, from flood resistance to social and economic problems.

They also have some pretty cool interactive features using 'the pen'.  The pen has a pointed side (obviously) to draw at the new interactive tables, but also has a flat end button that allows you to 'save' any interesting pieces you may come across during your visit.  Using your unique code on your ticket, you can log in and see all the pieces and designs you liked, including the professional photos, descriptions, etc.  It's a really great idea to save your inspirations. 

The Cooper Hewitt is a perfect museum to visit if you want to have a relaxing day - a beautiful, intimate space and inspiring exhibits.