Congdon Mill, Paterson, NJ


Congdon Mill, located on the Passaic River near the base of the Great Falls, was built in 1905 as a silk mill and was used by various manufactures throughout the 20th century.  MG New York Architects received approval from the Paterson Historic Commission to convert the 95,000 sq. ft., four and one-half story building into 68 spacious apartment units.   The property is situated next to a newly designated 7 acre state park, where the City of Paterson is planning a river walk from the base of the Great Falls to the downtown business District, which will pass behind Congdon Mill. 

The complex contains two buildings; the primary building contains 68 affordable housing units that are a mix of studios, one, two, three bedroom apartments, and duplex apartments, all ADA compliant. Units feature hardwood floors, exposed brick in each unit, and exposed wood beams in the ceiling. The primary building also includes community service space to be utilized by both residents and the community.  The second building contains a cafe that is part of an educational program for culinary arts and social entrepreneurship. 

MG NEW YORK was the recipient of the City of Paterson Historic Preservation Commission Award for the conversion of Congdon Mill.