40 Dover St, NYC

In the works ! MGNY is currently working on the historic 40 Dover st, 160 South St., buildings. Built in 1801, David Lydig, a prominent flour merchant, purchased the water lots lying between today's Front St. and South St. at the end of Dover St.  Over the next six years, the land was filled in.  Built first was 40 Dover St in 1807, and by 1813, the three lots were built.  Lydig's flour business thrived until the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825.  Unfortunately, the buildings today have few of the original features, and due to developments such as the construction of the FDR Drive, and the Con-ed substation, the buildings are in dire need of repair. 

MGNY will be working together with the developer and engineers to make the building safe for its inhabitants and bring some new life to the forgotten area under the FDR and Brooklyn Bridge.