Tower at the Beacon, Jersey City, NJ 

The Tower, along with The Hague, is located in the Beacon Complex, formally the Jersey City Medical Center.  The Tower, previously a nurses' dormitory, has been restored and converted by MG New York Architects into a residential building with 128 mixed units.  MGNY also designed a new garden space and a new glass and concrete lobby for the building.   The building opened in November 2014 and is the fourth building to open in the complex. 

The Beacon Complex is the largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in New Jersey, and all are listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. MGNY is working closely with developers and historic preservationists to restore the facade and any protected interior spaces to the original.  Once completed, the Beacon Complex will have 1200 units and 80,000 square feet of retail space.  

MGNY recently submitted The Tower to the NJ Historic Preservation Awards 2015.  To view our narrative booklet that was part of our application, please click the following the link: The Tower at the Beacon